The manufactory

All tubes are personally collected from each bicycle dealer. Later they are sorted by size and colour. Each piece is a handmade unique specimen manufactured in Switzerland.

All tubes are intentionally not washed, they should bear he dust of the streets. If our clients want tubes that are not dirty they can wash them with normal soap and water. But caution: there can be colour changes at the surface.
We cut the tubes in our studio to the right length, label them with our brand and assemble the belt buckle. None of our products will be delivered without our logo. Like the cowboys in texas brand their cows our tubes are also labelled. That’s Branding – a real unmistakable tube-specimen

The high-quality belt-buckles are exclusively manufactured for «tube». They are made of unique material and have a unique form – so that you can say you are owning a unique «tube» specimen.

The key ring pendants and the «USB-tube's» are manufactured in cooperation with VEBO (Association for integration of disabled people). Every customer is indirectly supporting the employees of VEBO Grenchen, which are bearing a useful work.

The modern manufacturing infrastructure with 160 employees offers a flexible and efficient production plant. VEBO was founded 1987 and is as a protected manufacturing facility part of the VEBO Genossenschaft. The employees are disabled people which are working in the scopes of  mechanics, electronics, assembly and control.
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