Our products are almost completely produced from old bicycle tubes or remaining stocks. Our bikes are exclusively from old bicycles from the eighties which get new components if necessary. With old tubes and recycled bikes we produce new, precious and unique specimen handmade in Switzerland.

Because old tubes are not recycled and the producers don’t take them back, they normally would be transported to a waste incineration plant. Our products so far have protected the environment form 3000 burned tubes which otherwise would have polluted the environment. The growth of our company is therefore proportional to the protection of the environment we can contribute. The faster we grow the more resources we can conserve. Therefore we would be glad if you also would become our client to save the environment.

Product Overview:
» Belt
» Buckle - tube it yourself
» Keyring pendants
» USB-tube
» i-tube
» tube-lite
» tube-Bike

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