Let there be light. Our «tube-lite» - UP/DOWN consists of two iron frames welded together and new and old recycled bicycle tubes.
The green semi-transparent tube is a Panaracer Greenlite, one of the lightest bicycle tubes in the world which is perfectly suitable for our design. The base is enclosed with a used tube an like all our other tube products labelled with our branding.

The light is multifunctional and can be positioned like an art object or hanging at the ceiling- therefore the name «tube-lite» - UP/DOWN.

The «tube-lite» UP/DOWN is 42cm high, has a diameter of 22cm and a cable with plug which has a total length of 250 cm. The light can only be ordered in advance, because it will be handmade in our studio in Switzerland. Delivery time for our unique lights is 4 to 5 weeks. Order this fantastic light right away if you want to give your home a personal touch.

Price: 680.- CHF

If you are interested in our «tube-lite» UP/DOWN, you can contact us with following link: Click here.
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