Keyring pendants

Our key ring pendants as the «USB-tube's» are mainly manufactured from used racing bike tubes and they are as all our products handmade. We are offering two models: «STREET» with a length of 12.5cm and «RACE» with a length of 7.5cm.

Now you understand why all our products have a number on their package. The number describes the length of the products. For example: 25 means that our key ring pendant is 25 cm long and 15 means that the product length is 15 cm. A belt with the number 105 has the length 105 cm.
Our tubes don’t disturb you when you wear them in your pockets because they adapt to any clothing. Small, fine and always easy to find. And if you want to hang up your key the tube will find a place for you. Don’t wait, order this easy-to-use product right away.

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Special Edition
Our special editions offer you a perfect branding opportunity like our «USB-tube's».

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